Quint's Kustom Kolors

1941 Willy’s

QWillys IMG_20150525_101037125  IMG_20160319_150652130 IMG_20170521_175126909_HDR

Prestigious Painter Award

In 2000, he added the coveted House of Kolor Prestigious Painter Award to his many awards for custom painting and design. Whether you are looking for high quality custom paint for your Harley-Davidson, Corvette, Boat, Truck, or Car, Quint can provide artistic guidance and talent. Working closely with the owner, Quint will design your special project personally and with your budget in mind.

1959 Lincoln Mark IV!

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1955 Chevy Bel Air


88 Ford Mustang!


Who’s better to fix it then the ones that designed it!! Needed some repair work!!

100_0842 100_0844 100_0846

1948 Olds! Just needed a wet sand, buff & polish before the 2009 Good Guys Show in Indy!


Corvettes, Hot Rods, Classics, Down To Your PT Cruisers We Have Seen It All! Look At Our Collection Of Our Custom Paint & Graphics!

Our selection of cars are endless! Starting off with our Corvette collection… 

100_3386 100_3387 DCP_0535 100_0184 100_0182 100_2419_thumb2 100_1881_thumb[1] scan0049 scan0048 dcp_0176-1 scan0066 DCP_0076    Vette_20Hood DCP_0007 DCP_0005 scan0067  100_3699  100_3700


Taking that PT Cruiser out for a spin will never be the same with just a touch of our artistic design! Have you seen these cruisers out on the road?


DCP_0528 DCP_0526 scan0017_2D1 scan0044  scan0015_2D1 scan0016_2D1 scan0039 scan0108 scan0041 scan0038 pt3 



If the Corvettes or PT Cruisers don’t spark your interest maybe the custom painted street rods will.

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Street legal or not street legal isn’t the question its who did that custom paint job! KUSTOM KOLORS!


100_3032 100_3033  100_3564 100_3566 dcp_0039 dcp_0040 scan0072 scan0099scan0013_2D1 IMG_4001scan0109 scan0095 scan0096 Chargr1 Chargr4  scan0004 GreenFire scan0012_2D1 scan0059 scan0001.bmp scan0002.bmp scan0003.bmp CCF04302009_00000  100_0629 100_0628 Picture-1 100_4242 100_4243 Picture01 scan0097 



Even the soccer mom’s want to look good at the games!


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