Here are just a few samples of the trucks we have custom painted. There are all kinds of designs and graphic you can choose from but if you don’t have anything in mind leave it to Quint’s artistic freedom, he’ll make it happen!


100_1680 100_1682 SPURL1_small1 SPURL2_small scan0082 DCP_0014_small DCP_0015 scan0080 scan0001_2D2 Pump_small  scan0084 scan0074 scan0106 scan0004.bmp 100_0522 100_0521 Picture5 Picture10 Picture11 Picture12 100_0480 100_3854


Even Your Low Riders and Pro Street Truck Are No Competition For Kustom Kolors!

scan0077 scan0076 scan0003_2D1 scan0079 dcp_0193-1 IMG_0228 IMG_0938  scan0071 scan0075 scan0003 scan0002.bmp scan0001.bmp 100_5078